Group Training


“If you’re looking for a gym that focuses first and foremost on form and technique , this is the place! It’s always about proper movement before we even think about speed or strength.” - Michaela

“Ive been here for two months and have already made more progress than my past gym I was at for a YEAR!” - Morgan

“Such an amazing experience! The coaching and staff are top notch. Highly recommended!” - Tony

“Primal Fitness is the most comprehensive, results oriented gym I’ve ever belonged to. The coaching, welcoming atmosphere, and friendly members make for one of the best places that keeps me coming back for more!” - Dina

Expect to be Pushed. Prepare to Push Back.



  • PrimalCamp is a complete training program that includes full-body Strength, Conditioning, Mobility/Stability, and Endurance training. Your performance in these areas will be tracked and improved upon over time.

  • The training programs we run in PrimalCamp are progression based. This means that no matter what fitness level you’re at, we are able to offer a progression for you that we can build and improve upon.

  • Our ultimate goal is to have FUN while making huge strides towards better health and fitness. The atmosphere will always be very welcoming and positive!

PrimalCamp Schedule

Monday - Friday: 5:15AM, 8:15AM , 6:15PM

Saturday: 8:15AM

*Classes are capped at 16 athletes. We add class times as our class sizes grow.