Expect to be Pushed. Prepare to Push Back.

We offer classes for every level. Both programs, Foundations and Primal Camp, come together to form a complete fitness program that can take the newest beginner all the way up to elite levels of fitness. The key is CONSISTENCY. 



Primal Camp is set up for Intermediate to Advanced level athletes but we can modify any of the exercises we're working on for beginners or those with limitations. Each class will include a full-body strength element (gymnastics or weightlifting), a tough conditioning workout, and mobility work. If you are interested in developing your strength and overall fitness toward a high level, this is the class for you!


Foundations will take you from a beginning to intermediate level of fitness. Our primary focus in this class is fat loss while improving movement quality and relative strength. You can expect to train your strength, conditioning, and mobility every week. If you've never worked out before or if you're just getting back into it, this is the best place to start!

Monday / Wednesday /Friday

Foundations - 5pm

PrimalCamp - 8am / 6pm

Tuesday / Thursday

PrimalCamp - 8am

Foundations - 9am / 6pm


PrimalCamp - 9am